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Main Characters

Princess Wahida of Iona,

aka "Dija"

The naive, younger daughter of the King of Iona. Wahida dreams of finding Suihira (/suːɪ'hiˌrə/ or /suː'hiˌrə/ ), the legendary City of Water. Destined to rule another kingdom as Queen, Wahida was sidelined by her parents, focusing their attention mostly on her older sister. This gave Wahida more freedom to pray to Akia, the goddess of water that created Suihira. Despite constant discouragement from those closest to her, Wahida continues to stubbornly pray to Akia. Her years of praying in solitude turned her passion for Suihira into blind obsession over Akia. Thus, when her prayers are finally answered, she does not hesitate to abandon everything in Akia's name. Upon meeting Serin and Leo, she addresses herself simply as "Dija" to disassociate herself with her royal family.

Extra Info:

Name pronunciation: Princess /wɑːˈhidə/ of /i'oʊnə/,
aka /'di-ʤə/
Age: 4, 8, 11, 13 (Chapter 1), 17 (Chapter 2+)
Hair color: Black with brown highlights.
Eye color: Dark blue
Random Facts: Normally, she speaks very quietly and has trouble looking people in the eye. She is also left handed.

Serin of Cagi

One of the young men who set up camp not too far from where Wahida spent her first night alone in the desert. Initially hostile, Serin and Leo believed that Wahida was used as bait for a malicious group to keep their guard down. When he noticed that Wahida's shoes were typically worn by wealthy city dwellers, or "bathers", he came up with the idea to discover her origins and return her for some quick money. However, once he learned the true nature of this "bather" and her journey to Suihira, he had second thoughts about turning her in.

Extra Info:

Name pronunciation: /'sɛrɪn/ of /'Kægi/
Age: 20 (Chapter 3+)
Hair color: Dark brown
Eye color: Dark brown
Random Fact: He is very close with his mother. He also frequently bites his lip.

Leo of Pani

Serin's best friend and the son of a tavern owner. Though he's officially an employee of his father, he often tags along with Serin who supplies the tavern with chal. He was with Serin when Wahida found them at their camp and asked them for food. After Wahida declared she was journeying to Suihira in Akia's name, he immediately assumed she was either crazy or intoxicated. Upon learning she was Princess Wahida, he was thrilled about the idea of getting the reward. So much so, that he was willing turn a blind eye to the divine nature of his new "bather" friend. It wasn't until Serin declared how serious the situation that Leo realized that "something big" was happening indeed.

Extra Info:

Name pronunciation: /ˈlioʊ/ of /'pæni/
Age: 21
Hair color: Dirty blonde
Eye color: Light brown
Random Fact: He has a slight lisp.

Supporting Characters

in order of appearance

Princess Hadima of Iona

Wahida's older sister and future Queen of Iona. She and Wahida shared a close bond as children, however, their relationship was forever tarnished after Hadima withdrew her support of Wahida's devotion to Akia. Though Hadima loves her sister dearly, her duties as Queen-to-be keep her from being with Wahida.

Extra Info:

Name pronunciation: Princess /hæ'dimə/ of /i'oʊnə/
Age: 8, 12, 15, 17 (Chapter 1), 21 (Chapter 2+)
Hair color: Black with brown highlights
Eye color: Dark blue
Random Fact: She likes drinking tea.

Queen Alda of Iona

Originally hailing from Cagi, she is Wahida and Hadima's mother and Queen of Iona. As an academic, she has slight difficulty balancing her duties as Queen and a mother. Despite this, she cares deeply about their futures as Queens.

Extra Info:

Name pronunciation: Queen /'aldə/ of /i'oʊnə/
Age: Late 30s (Chapter 1), mid 40s (Chapter 2+)
Hair color: Black with brown highlights
Eye color: Dark brown
Random Fact: She loves studying history and geography.

King Zahi VII

Wahida and Hadima's father, husband of Queen Alda, and the King of Iona. Descendant of Zahi the First. His role as leader of the Desert keeps him from being with his family, though he shows concern for Wahida's obsession with Suihira and Akia.

Extra Info:

Name pronunciation: King /ˈzɔˌhi/ the Seventh
Age: Mid 40s (Chapter 1), early 50s (Chapter 2+)
Hair color: Black with brown highlights (Chapter 1), Gray (Chapter 2+)
Eye color: Dark Blue
Random Fact: He had to begin to rule the kingdom fairly early when his parents both passed away from the same illness that plagued Iona at the time.

Prince Eutimio of Iona

Formerly "Prince Eutimio of Turi (/'tɜri/)," he is Hadima's husband and future King of Iona. He is madly in love with Hadima, but he doesn't appreciate the fact that she kept the truth about Suihira from her sister for so many years.

Extra Info:

Name pronunciation: Prince /ɔɪ'timioʊ/ of /i'oʊnə/
Age: 19 (Chapter 1), 23 (Chapter 2+)
Hair color: Black with brown highlights
Eye color: Dark Brown
Random Fact: He enjoys watching cama races.

Prince Nicolai of Limae

Wahida's ex-fiancé and future King of Limae. While he does care about Wahida's well being, he was very reluctant to marry her and was pressured into doing so for the sake of having his descendants carry the bloodline of Zahi the First. His long-term romantic relationship with the head of his personal guard, Antoni (/ɑnˈtoʊni/), adds to Nicolai's anxiety in regards to his marriage with Wahida as well as his role as future King. When Wahida ran away, that sent Nicolai the message that she no longer wished to marry him. Despite his desire to return home to Limae, he is still concerned with Wahida, and vows to not return home until she is found safe.

Extra Info:

Name pronunciation: Prince /'nikoʊˌlaɪ/ of /'limeɪ/
Age: 18 (Chapter 2+)
Hair color: Black with brown highlights
Eye color: Dark Brown
Random Fact: If he weren't destined to rule his father's kingdom, Nicolai would pursue performing arts.

Human Apparition of Akia

A mysterious, womanly apparition that claims to be Akia. She appears before Wahida in the cavern beneath the temple. She says to Wahida that her devotion earned her the key to Suihira, and before disappearing, cryptically tells her to go to "...where water meets air, past where earth meets fire."

Extra Info:

Age: ???
Hair color: White light
Eye color: White light
Random Fact: The apparition is 8.5 ft (260 cm) tall.

Tadio of Cagi II

The current head of the Water Guard, a syndicate headquartered in Cagi that provides the Kingdoms of the Upper and Lower deserts with infantry and cavalry soldiers who specialize in protecting supplies of water. Tadio has a very strong fascination of anything involving the "Old World," the time before the Divine War. He funds his Old World technology revival efforts with the money from the Water Guard.

Extra Info:

Name pronunciation: /'tʰædiˌoʊ/
Age: Early 40s
Hair color: Dirty blonde
Eye color: Hazel
Random Fact: His father's signature can be seen on this page. The document being signed was an agreement between Tadio of Cagi Senior and King Zahi VII to allow the water in Iona to be transported and sold by the Water Guard outside of Iona.

Pia of Cagi

Serin's mother. Pia had Serin when she was fairly young, and spent a large part of her son's childhood doing whatever she could to survive. She eventually learned how to run a cama ranch when she worked at one in Pani. With Serin helping her every step of the way, they started their own ranch which allowed them to modestly provide for themselves.

Extra Info:

Name pronunciation: /'piːə/
Age: Late 30s
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Dark brown
Random Fact: Her voice is the deepest in the entire cast.

Characters from Lore




Goddess of water and balance. Portrayed as a killer whale.

Akia engaged in the Divine War between herself and Ignis five hundred years prior to Wahida's time. The war caused the oceans of the world to vanish. Legend has it that Akia created the City of Suihira as a haven for her followers from the chaotic New World. However, despite centuries of prayer to Akia for the way to Suihira, or even the return of the oceans, the goddess has remained silent. Thus, many believe that Akia abandoned humanity.



God of fire and strength. Portrayed as a lizard.

Ignis fought Akia in the Divine War. He is the primary diety worshipped by the people in the Desert.



God of air and wisdom. Portrayed as an eagle.




Goddess of earth and virtue. Portrayed as an elephant.

Historical Figures

King Zahi "the First"

The first King of Iona, ancestor of Princess Wahida. He is credited with supplying the city of Iona with a source of water that helped establish Iona as the largest economic power in the desert. It's said that Zahi, with Ignis' strength, convinced Akia, who had abandoned humanity, to give Iona the gift of her water.

Dija (the author)

Not to be confused with Wahida's alias, Dija was an author that lived in the time of Zahi the First. She is credited for being the creator of the "Suihira" legend.