Comment Policy

This website allows readers to comment on each page as well as short stories. Comments are welcome for everyone, but readers must understand a couple of things. In short, Suihira: The City of Water is a comic for ages 12+, and while I understand things may slip through, generally, comments should reflect that rating. This means:

  • Be mindful of language and the content of your commentary. Some mild swearing is fine but don't go overboard, and do not bring up any sensitive content that you feel uncomfortable saying in front of a 12 year old child.
  • Please refrain from bringing up real world current events, politics, religion, or other highly sensitive topics. Suihira certainly has its own political/spiritual environment, but bringing up real world topics has no place in the comments of this comic.
  • Do not spam/advertise/etc. This includes unwarranted promotion of a business/site/cause/etc, unwarranted commentaries that have nothing to do with the page/comic, and other things of this nature.
  • Be respectful of others. This includes refraining from making racist, sexist, homo/transphobic, xenophobic remarks, being a Smart Aleck, and other forms of rudeness and disrespect. All in all, don't be a jerk.
  • I'd be happy to read any constructive critique on pages, however, I would much prefer a reader to let me know in private (you can email me at riana (dot) dorsey (at) gmail (dot) com), and/or ask permission first. Spelling mistakes do happen, as well as grammar mistakes. I appreciate the latter a little less, because many of the characters speak informally. For example, Leo says, "cactuses" instead of "cacti", which is incorrect grammar (albeit, acceptable as of 2016--gotta love how languages are alive!) These sort of "errors" are part of the narrative. If you see a grammar mistake and wish to bring it forward to me, consider whether or not it's appropriate for the narrative, first.
  • The above is not exhaustive and I moderate at my discretion. I'm free to delete/edit out commentary I see unfit for the site, and/or ban you. If you do the above, you should be good and not need to worry about anything!

In short, be nice and don't spam!